Track day - Sports Complex 333

Track day

TRACK DAY is a day for everyone to take their car out on a closed track and drive it in a sporty and safe environment.


Due to improved safety rules and the desire to reduce the strain on the equipment, the length of a session is set at 10 minutes.

Price per session – 10 minutes / € 10. Minimum number of sessions 4 sessions – (4×10 minutes = 40 €)

Helmet hire – 5 € per person. Helmets availability is limited, please book in advance.

Track day sessions

(minimum 4 sessions)

40 €

What will I get?

Get your adrenaline pumping! Ride sportively, keep track of your lap time and always try to improve your personal best.


Every participant or fan will be able to follow the results on their phone using the MYLAPS Speedhive app.

Cancellation and refund

Ja Jūs vēlaties atsaukt savu dalību, lūgums to paziņot rakstiski, aizpildot atteikuma veidlapu (lejupielādēt ŠEIT un nosūtot to uz Atteikties no pakalpojuma izmantošanas var ne vēlāk kā vienu dienu (24 stundas) pirms pasākuma sākuma (izvēlētā bloka laiks). Nauda tiek atgriezta uz norādīto kontu četru darba dienu laikā, un dalība pasākumā tiek anulēta.

! Atceramies, ka pasākuma norises dienās un pēc pasākuma atteikuma pieprasījumi netiks izskatīti.

What else?

333 CAFÉ will be open and you will be able to buy both hot lunches and hot drinks to take away.
You can also go karting or other entertainment depending on the season.

Good to know

  • Please note that you must observe the safety and track rules, as the track is not covered by OCTA or CASCO insurance.
  • Only cars equipped with studless tyres are allowed on the track.
  • No contact fighting is allowed during car practice, and it is not drift practice. Mild controlled side-slides are allowed. Deliberate drifting is strictly prohibited.
  • Both seat belts and helmets are compulsory for the rider and the passenger during the ride. When going to the track, you should also remember that the boot of your car must be empty or well-secured.
  • There are 6 cars on the track at the same time, and they are put on the track at a distance of 200m.
  • 2 people are allowed in the car simultaneously (front seats only).
  • ! If the car has technical problems during TrackDay, the money for the sessions will not be refunded.
  • It is important to remember that TRACK DAY is not a race. It is an opportunity to understand your car better, to improve your driving skills, but without the slightest competition with other participants.

How can I see my results in the MYLAPS SPEEDHIVE app?

  • Find the Mylaps Speedhive app in the phone store
  • Download to your phone
  • Choose a sport (!! in this case look under KARTING)
  • Choose a country (Latvia)
  • Click on “live timing”
  • Select “event”
  • Find TrackDay
  • Looking for your transponder number
  • Enjoy the result!