CSDD courses (penalty points reduction) - Sports Complex 333

CSDD courses (penalty points reduction)

Drivers who have received 8 or more road traffic penalty points can reduce 2 points by attending the Safe Driving Courses organized by SIA Baltic Ring 333.*

After completing the course, data is automatically submitted to the CSDD to reduce 2 penalty points.

Official information about the penalty points reducing system can be found on the CSDD website.


*Starting from October 2019, the law permits the deletion of points also voluntarily, in case the driver has 4 or more penalty points courses can be attended voluntarily.

SCHEDULE: Sundays, 10:00 – 16:00

PRICE: 207 €

Points are reduced in 2 stages

1 stage – Road Safety Courses (organised by CSDD)

Organised by CSDD by prior registration (calling CSDD +371 67025791) and lasts for 2 days (on Saturdays). The fee for the road safety course is €50.02.

2 stage – Safe Driving courses (organised by Sports Complex 333)

Organised by us –  Sports Complex 333, on our territory located Safe Driving range every Saturday, 10:00 – 16:00. Course price 207 EUR with an advanced application.

Apply in advance for reducing of penalty points

Immediately after applying, the participant will receive an invoice of EUR 207,-  to be paid no later than two working days before the course starts and detailed information about the course.

Driver must bring own car (10 – 15l fuel in the tank) equipped with studless tyres.

Course containing:

  • Braking exercises at various driving speeds and applying different types of braking (30 min): an exercise of a rapid reaction in critical situations, giving the confidence to use brakes in different ways according to situation and surface;
  • Vehicle tyres warm up and grip renewal (30 min): exercises on a slippery and changing surface which provokes the lateral slide of a car. Situations can also be modelled in artificial (water) obstacles that must be negotiated. Exercises on slippery and variable surfaces, where the car is provoked to skid, in addition to simulated situations where artificial (water) obstacles have to be negotiated;
  • Safe trajectory formation and corresponding speed selection (35 min): an exercise to improve the driver’s skills at acting in unexpected and critical situations, driving downhill followed by a selection of correct trajectory on a bend, using a slippery surface, and, in this case, the difference in the driving surface.
  • Vehicle “behaviour” and driving, performing various manoeuvres on a slippery surface (aquaplaning) (15 min): exercises that highlight the difference between braking and the ability to manoeuvre a car on various surfaces with various degrees of grip at different driving speeds. During the exercises, situations are modelled in which it is difficult and problematic for inexperienced drivers to respond correctly and quickly.
  • Driving a vehicle when it goes into an uncontrollable lateral slide (35 min): exercises on a slippery surface, where both front and rear wheel slides are induced, and situations are modelled in which the driver has to drive around artificial (water) obstacles.
  • Basic elements of economic driving (10 min): practical exercises in which the challenge is to repeat and practice recommendations mentioned in theory on the principles of economic driving.

Frequently asked questions

Where does the course take place?

The course take place on Sports Complex “333” territory: Sila Priedes, Ropazu district, LV-2133. Google Maps / Waze

How does the course work?

The course is organised in groups of up to 20 person, led by certified instructors.

Which car is allowed for course?

The car must have a maximum laden weight of 3.5 t and be fitted with studless tyres. The optimum amount of fuel in the tank is 10-15 l.

How quickly are data entered into the CSDD system after the course? 

Information about the course is entered into the CSDD system within the next working day.

When are the penalty points reduced?

Penalty points are reduced after completion of the CSDD course and practical lesson at the “333” safe driving range within the time limit set by the CSDD.