Dirt Motorcycle and Quad Bike Rent - Sports Complex 333

Dirt Motorcycle/Quad Bike Rent

Dirt Motorcycle/Quad Bike Rent

Beginner motorcycle

Beginner motorcycle HONDA CRF110F. The new 110cc engine is designed to meet the requirements of new riders and is complemented by a throttle limiter, which offers additional adjustment options to suit riders needs.

starting at 30 €
Beginner cross motorcycle

We offer a possibility to ride with a real cross motorcycle – Honda CRF125FB, it is smaller and lighter. And we have both equipment and great instructors!!!

starting at 30 €
Enduro adventure tour

This is a great opportunity to go on an enduro adventure accompanied by a professional instructor, who will take you along the most interesting roads of the nearby “333” forest.

starting at 65 €
Tour with quad bikes

Go on an adventure quad bike tour in nearby “333” forest. You can choose a tour from half an hour to two hours! We also will recommend the best routes according to your driving abilities.

starting at 40 €
Dirt tracks

The "333" sports complex has various dirt tracks for motor sport disciplines

starting at 8 €
For kids

Motorcycles and quad bikes available for children from 3 years of age.

starting at 20 €

Additional services

Shower (per one person)


Moto gear washing and drying


Motorcycle washing (self-service)


Rear wheel training structure

15 EUR / 1h

Equipment rent

It is possible to rent:

  • Full equipment  – 25 €;
  • Rental of separate equipment parts – 5 EUR / per part.